Detection and positioning on AR headset

Thanks to RCad'Touch, mixed reality CAD, you can visualize your environment and add 3D models from your CAD software with your augmented reality (AR) headset.

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3D collaboration where the project takes place


Collaborate in a real layout environment

RCad'Touch is the solution to visualize your CAD work in the environement where it will really be brought to life.

RCad'Touch relies on the ability for the AR headset to detect environement and therefore allows posititioning your 3D models in this space.

You will now be able to test the implantation of your virtual projects directly on working sites. You will also be able to discuss with your colleagues or your customers thanks to the collaborative module.

But also : manipulate, assemble or add textures to CAD models.


Detection and positioning in an environment with RCad'Touch


Easy to use

Generate your files from your computer-aided design software, then open them with our software from your virtual reality or augmented reality glasses.

You will be able to place pieces of furniture, fixtures, industrial parts, equipments or machines in their real environment, and position them easily thanks to positioning magnetism.


Positioning with hands, controlers or parameterization

In augmented reality, you only need your hands to position CAD models. In virtual reality, the joysticks will allow you to select and position these same models. Finally, if you want to move these 3D models more accurately, you can use our parameterization commands.

Application fields of space detection and positioning


Layout and furnishing

Detecting and positioning in an environment will allow you to :

  • test the layout project in its real environment,
  • show your customers the final results thanks to positioning in a space where your pieces of furniture and fittings will be placed,
  • combine virtual layout projects with the reality of the construction site to reduce the risk of errors.


Industry 4.0

Space detection and positioning will allow you to :

  • compare a real industrial part to a virtual project,
    test the precise layout of your machines in your factories.
  • test accurately the layout of your machines in your factories.


Project management and building

Space detection and positioning will allow you to :

  • test the layout of a building or a structure in its real environment,
  • combine virtual architectural designs with the reality of the construction site, increasing efficiency and accuracy, reducing errors and saving time, money and resources.