RCad'Touch features, a mixed reality CAD software

RealityCad has developed RCad'Touch, a unique solution to visualize and modify in virtual or augmented reality the 3D projects designed from your CAD software.

And this may be achieved from your virtual or augmented reality headset !


standard CAD formats (STEP, IFC, STL, etc.) in a virtual scene or real space


using controllers or hands for augmented reality headsets (Hololens 2)

Assembly & associativity

Exact positioning such as plan/plan, axis/axis, axis/point, dependence relationship, etc.

Compatible CAD formats

Use of exact formats (STEP, IFC, etc.)  and native support of various geometries

Space positioning

3D objects may be positioned in relation to a virtual or real environment (according to your headset)


Multi-person visualization and manipulation (even physically distant)

Annotations & measures

For a better collaboration, RCad'Touch offers measurement and annotation tools


Texturing & colour

Apply textures and colours to your CAD elements or use the automatic assignment system