Mixed reality CAD for layout and furnishing (AR/VR)

Virtual technologies are essential for the developement and growth of companies in all areas. Many layout and furnishing companies already use AR/VR softwares, mostly for design and sales.

RCad'Touch, our collaborative AR/VR design software as well as sales aid is the perfect tool for both your design offices and your salespeople.

AR/VR thought for layout and furnishing

Collaborative AR/VR design

With RCad'Touch, you will offer a new approach of the job of designer. You can use augmented reality or virtual reality in your design process. This innovation offers you the possibility to create concepts, visit your projects and adapt them in real time. Thanks to a reduction of the study cost, you will gain in both efficiency and profitability.

AR/VR sales support tool

You will also offer your customers a unique experience by allowing them to visualize their projects before carrying them out. Showing your customers a realistic view of their projects and your products will allow you to convince them more easily. This is a real sales force.


For layout design offices

Collaborative view of design projects during project progress meetings

Manipulate and assemble equipments and furniture in your layout projects alltogether

Annotate and measure environment and your CAD elements in order to organize how your project progresses

Position equipments and furniture in a real environment thanks to augmented reality

For salespeople in layout design

Show your customers your layout project at 1/1 scale to highlight it

Give your customers the possibility to explore their future layout

Allow your customers to adapt their layout project in real-time

Validate your layout projects with your customers in the smallest details (positioning, materials, colors, etc.)